MTB tours in Merano, Vinschgau and the Passeier Valley

Trails in South Tyrol

In the Merano-Vinschgau biking region, mountain bikers are spoilt for choice: they can let off steam on both sides of the valley on marked and designated tours. Up the mountain, on the uphills, with modern cable cars including bike transport or with bike shuttles.

Recommended: the complete MTB trail map for download (3.9 MB)! Download it now to your smartphone and have it at hand when you're on the go.

Difficulty levels

The signposting of the single trails provides information about the technical difficulty levels, which range from S0 to S3.

S0: Single trail without any particular difficulties: flowing forest and meadow paths on natural ground with good grip or solid gravel. There are no obstacles such as steps, rocks or root passages. The gradient is gentle to moderate, curves are wide. Can be mastered without special riding techniques.

S1: smaller obstacles such as shallow roots and small stones are to be expected. Isolated water gullies and erosion damage are very often the reason for the increased level of difficulty. The subsoil is partly unconsolidated. The gradient is a maximum of 40%. Hairpin bends are not to be expected. Basic riding skills and constant attention are required. Obstacles can be rolled over.

S2: larger roots and stones, the ground is often not consolidated. Steps and flat stairs are to be expected. Often tight bends ahead, steep passages of up to 70 % are not uncommon. An advanced riding technique is necessary.

S3: Blocked single trails with many larger boulders and/or root passages. High steps, narrow hairpin bends and tricky diagonal rides often occur, relaxed rolling sections become rare. Slippery ground and loose scree are also frequent. Gradients of over 70% are not uncommon. Very good bike control and thus precise braking and good balance are required for this level of difficulty.

MTB tour Matscher Raubrittertour medium

Mals - Schluderns - Spondinig

MTB tour Zugtrail Vinschgau am Nördersberg medium

Glurns - Prad - Latsch - Naturns

MTB tour Schloss Annaberg - Annaberger Böden medium

Latsch – Tiss – Vetzan – Schloss Annaberg – Annaberger Böden – Tiss - Latsch

MTB tour Uinaschlucht challenging

Schlinig – Sesvenna Hütte – Val d`Uina – Scuol – Münstertal - Laatsch

MTB tour Bunkertour medium

Reschen - Reschner Alm - Grünsee - Nauders Lärchen Alm - Kastelalpe - Plamort - Reschen

MTB tour Göflaner Marmorbruch challenging

Laas - Tarnell-Hof - Marmorbruch - Göflaner Alm - Morter - Latsch

MTB tour Latsch Umrundung medium

Latsch - Goldrain - Vetzan - Morter - Latsch

MTB tour Morterer Leger - Haslhof challenging

Latsch - Morter - Morterer Leger - Haslhof - Latsch

MTB tour Allitz - Schlanders - Latsch challenging

Allitz – Sonnenberg – Madatschhof - Schlanders - Latsch

MTB tour Val Mora - Passo Gallo challenging

Valchava - Val Mora - Passo Gallo - Buffalora - Ofen Pass - Valchava

MTB tour Eisjöchl challenging

Pfossental - Eishof - Eisjöchl - Passeiertal - Meran

MTB tour Töbrunn - Latscher Alm - Tarscher Alm medium

Latsch - Magrin Böden - Töbrunn - Latscher Alm - Tarscher Alm - Tarsch - Latsch

MTB tour Bunkertour Reschen challenging

Reschen - Reschner Alm - Militärweg - Grünsee - Nauders - Kastelalpe - Plamort - Panzersperren - Reschen

MTB tour Stilfser Almen Tour challenging

Stilfs - Gl#urns

MTB tour St. Martin Tour mit Tschillitrail medium

Kastelbell - St. Martin im Kofel - Ratschillhöfe - Annaberg - Tiss - Latsch

MTB tour Matzes Trailzauber (CC 2 Levels) medium

Latsch-Vetzan-Annaberger Böden-Goldrain-Latsch

MTB tour Kreuzjöchl - Martelltal challenging

Latsch - Morter - Morterer Leger - Kreuzjöchl - Martell Tal - Montani - Latsch

MTB tour Lü - Passo Gallo - Val Mora challenging

Latsch-Lü-Minschuns-Ofenpass-Alp Buffalora-Buffalora-Passo Gallo-Val Mora-St. Maria

MTB tour Latsch-Tomberg-Rabland-Latsch medium


MTB tour Schweinstall medium

Latsch – Tschars – Schweinstall – Marzoner Alm - Kastelbell - Latsch

MTB tour Naturns - Naturnser Alm medium

Naturns - Naturnser Alm - Naturns - Latsch

MTB tour Claudia Augusta die alte Römerstrasse medium

Reschen - Meran

MTB tour Martell Stallwies medium

Goldrain - Martell Dorf - Stallwies - Martell Dorf - Goldrain

MTB tour Madritschjoch, der höchste Transalp Übergang challenging

Prad - Sulden - Madritschhütte - Madritschjoch - Zufallhütte - Goldrain

MTB tour Latsch - Aschbach medium

Latsch - Naturns - Aschbach - Brand - Partscheilberg - Naturns - Latsch

MTB tour Vetzaner Trailtour bis Annaberg medium

Latsch - Vetzan - Schloss Annaberg - Goldrain - Tiss - Latsch

MTB tour Montigglersee medium

Nals - Andrian - Siegmundskron

MTB tour Sonnenbergtour medium

Schluderns - Allitz - Göflan

MTB tour Kastelbeller Almen medium

Kastelbell - Freiberger Alm - Marzoner Alm - Kastelbell

MTB tour Lattemacchiato Genusstour medium

Latsch - Naturns – Plaus - Rabland - Naturns - Latsch

MTB tour Schluderns - Gsalhöfe - Laas medium

Schluderns - Laas

MTB tour Mittelvinschgauer Nördersbergtour medium

Laas - Morter

MTB tour Forcella di Forcola - Val Mora - Münstertal challenging

Umbrail Pass (CH) - Bocchetta di Forcola - Valle Forcola - Lago di Cancano - Passo di Fraéle - Val Mora - St. Maria

MTB tour Monte Sole Trail medium

Vetzan - Schlanders

MTB tour Stilfser Almen Trail medium

Stilfs - Lichtenberg - Latsch

MTB tour Laaser Leiten / Großboden Tour medium

Laas - Tanas - Allitz - Schlanders

MTB tour Vigiljoch challenging

Naturns - Naturnser Alm - Vigil Joch - Töll

MTB tour Sonnenberger Trailzauber challenging

Tanas - Allitz - Morter

MTB tour Mittelvinschgauer Trailrunde XXL medium

Vetzan - Schlanders - Göflan - Morter - Latsch

MTB tour Montesole Trail medium

Kastellbell - St.Martin - Latsch

MTB tour Morter Trailrunde medium

Morter - Göflan - Morter

MTB tour Schloss Juval challenging

Naturns - Staben - Juval - Ratheis - Naturns

MTB tour Meran Panoramatour challenging

Rabland - Partschins - Vellau - Dorf Tirol - Kuens - Meran

MTB tour Latscher Trailzauber medium

Latsch - Jägersteig - Montani

MTB tour Kastelbell Umrundung medium

Kastelbell - Galsaun - Tschars

MTB tour 4 Gewinnt! medium

Latsch - Margrin Böden - Töbrunn - Tarsch - Latsch

MTB tour Uinaschlucht Extrem challenging

Laatsch-Burgeis-Schlinig-Sesvenna-Uinaschlucht-Sur En-Scoul-S.Charl-Costainas Pass-Münstertal-Laatsch

MTB tour Trail Adventure am Sonnenberg medium


MTB tour Via Claudia Augusta von Spondinig bis nach Latsch easy


MTB tour Mittelvinschgauer Sonnenberg Tour challenging


MTB tour Via Claudia und Weinstrasse medium


MTB tour Vetzaner Flow Trail Tour challenging


MTB tour Biketechnik Training in 2 Levels easy

Fahrtechik in 2 Schwierigkeitsgraden

MTB tour Weltis Apfelrunde easy

Der Obstanbau erklärt vom Bauern und Bikeguide Walter "Welti"

MTB tour Freeride Fun nach dem Biketechnik easy

Genießen Sie nach dem Biketechniktraining am Vormittag Freeride Fun pur am Nachmittag

MTB tour Tibet Freeride am Stilfser Joch medium

Stilfser Joch - Trafoi - Furkelhütte - Prad

MTB tour Kortscher Sonnenberg Special CC 2 Levels medium

Kortsch - Allitz - Schlanders

MTB tour Stilfser Joch - Passo Forcola medium

Stilfser Joch - Forcella di Forcola - Val Mora - Glurns

MTB tour Reschner Bunkertour challenging

Reschen - Nauders - Reschen

MTB tour Madritschjoch challenging

Spondinig - Sulden - Madritschjoch - Martell - Goldrain

MTB tour Aschbach Panorama Tour medium

Naturns - Töll - Aschbach - Naturns

MTB tour Partschinser Bikerunde medium

Naturns - Rabland - Partschins - Plars

MTB tour Schloss Katzenstein bei Meran easy

Burgstall - Sinich

MTB tour Vöraner Alm medium

Vöran: Tschöggelberg

MTB tour Schwarze Lacke medium

Töll - Quadrathöfe - Eggerhof - Töll

MTB tour Sunny Benny medium

St. Martin - Latsch

MTB tour Tablander Alm challenging

Tschars - Tablander Alm - Naturns

MTB tour Große Panoramatour Meran medium

Rabland - Partschins - Plars - Verllau - Dorf Tirol

MTB tour Naturnser Nörderbergtour medium

Naturns - Plaus - Naturnser Nördersberg - Tschirland - Naturns

MTB tour Marzoner Alm - Tannenzapfentrail medium

Kastelbell - Freiberg - Marzoner Alm - Tomberg - Tschars

MTB tour Transalp Klassiker - Naturnseralm - Vigilijoch challenging

Naturns - Naturnseralm - Vigiljoch - Aschbach - Töll - Naturns

MTB tour Annaberger Böden Special ( CC Easy) medium

Latsch-Goldrain-Vetzan-Schloss Annaberg-Goldrain-Latsch

MTB tour Holy Hansen medium

Göflan - Schlanders

MTB tour Aschbach - Quadrathöfe medium

Naturns - Töll - Aschbach - Quadrathöfe - Töll - Naturns

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