Bike Route Merano to Bolzano

A cycle path on (almost) level ground

Bike Route Facts

Length:ca. 30 km
Altitude:ca. 75 m
Duration:ca. 1,5 to 3 hours
Recommended time:February to November
Ideal for road bike: yes
Radweg bei Siebeneich

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By bike from Merano to Bolzano

Vacationing in the Merano region in South Tyrol is ideal for active holidaymakers. Cycling on comfortable bike paths, racy trails with the mountain bike, stopping for a bite to eat in the best local gastronomy are just some of the highlights that South Tyrol has to offer.

The cycle path from Merano to Bolzano offers a very special attraction, the cycle path almost manages without any gradients, over the length of the entire route, the difference in altitude amounts to a whole 75 metres, which no one feels.

Once you have left the spa town of Merano behind you, the cycle path to Bolzano begins south of Sinich. Between the seemingly endless apple orchards on one side and the Adige River winding through the valley on the other, you move steadily towards the provincial capital of Bolzano. The asphalt road is always flat and ideal for family and friends, but roadbike cyclists will also find ideal conditions.

However, it would be a shame to cover the 30 km long bike path in one piece without stopping, the adjacent villages such as Lana, Gargazon or Terlan are too tempting. No one needs to overexert themselves here, there are plenty of inviting places to stop for a picnic or to stop at one of the excellent inns.

Many park benches ensure that you can take a comfortable rest on your bike tour, even in the summer months. Particularly noteworthy is the rest and technical area at Burgstall, which, like the entire cycle path, has the motto of the four elements. Here you can relax in the shady tree house or admire the over one hundred year old electric locomotive.

A constant companion on the cycle route is the train. Since the cycle path runs right next to the railway track and also reaches every station, a leisurely tour along the cycle path is even easier and more relaxed to plan.

The small town of Lana offers so many historical features that a stop is certainly worthwhile. The place had a special significance in church history. Even today there are about 40 chapels, churches, convents and monasteries that can be admired. Museums bear witness to the rural culture that reached its peak here. The castles and palaces in the surrounding area, some of which are still inhabited from the Middle Ages to the present day, offer interesting experiences for the historically interested cyclist. The cultivation of apples is also particularly important for Lana. Wine lovers will make a detour to Terlan. In this village, which can look back on 2000 years of wine-growing tradition, a very special wine is pressed. The vines grow in optimal conditions and form the basis of one of the best wines South Tyrol has to offer. The wines offer light mineral notes with strong fruit components. In spring, when the exquisite Terlan wines are joined by the asparagus from Terlan, which is also a speciality, the pleasure cyclist gets his money's worth. It is worth leaving the cycle path at several points and simply strolling leisurely through the beautiful and interesting towns. Everyone gets their money's worth here, the gourmet, the gourmand, the historian and also the nature lover.

Radbrücke auf dem Weg nach Bozen

The highlight of the bike tour can be found in the last section of the route. The cycle path leads along the main road at Sigmundskron towards Eppan after a short climb into the cool forest. Here you can enjoy the peace and quiet once more before heading towards the city of Bolzano. The only thing left between the provincial capital and Bolzano is the descent out of the forest, over the Adige river and into the lively city.


Merano-Bolzano Cycle Route: 3.91 / 5,00 of 137 ratings.

Cycle Map

Der Radweg nach Bozen knüpft direkt am Vinschgauer Radweg beim Schwimmbad Algund an.

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