10 tips for a successful bike tour

The proper preparation for your bike tour

  1. Healthy on the bike

    Mountain biking is an endurance sport. The positive stress stimuli for the heart, circulation and muscles require health and a realistic self-assessment. Avoid time pressure and slowly increase the intensity and length of your tours.

  2. Plan carefully

    Books, maps, the internet and experts are valuable tools in choosing a bike tour that suits your fitness and ability. Always adapt tours to the group, the weather forecast and the current conditions. Even minor incidents can lead to serious emergencies.

  3. Only use appropriate paths

    Do not drive cross-country to avoid erosion damage. Use only suitable roads and trails and respect local closures and regulations to avoid conflicts with landowners, trail keepers and other nature users.

  4. Check your bike

    Before every ride: Check the brakes, tyre pressure, tight fit of the wheels, suspension and gears of your bike. Annual maintenance by a specialist ensures that your bike is in perfect technical condition. Make sure that you are sitting in a healthy position.

  5. Complete bike equipment

    Warm clothing, rain and wind protection, a repair kit and first aid kit belong in your rucksack, as well as a mobile phone (emergency call 112), light and sufficient food and drink. Gloves and goggles protect your hands and eyes. A map or GPS are valuable orientation tools.

  6. Always with a bike helmet

    Uphill and downhill, always wear a helmet! In the event of a fall or collision, a helmet can prevent head injuries or even save your life. Protectors can protect you from serious injuries.

  7. Pedestrians and hikers have priority

    Be considerate of pedestrians by announcing your arrival early and reducing your speed. Stop if necessary. A friendly greeting promotes acceptance. Ride in small bike groups and avoid paths heavily frequented by hikers.

  8. Control your speed

    Adapt your speed to the situation. Ride attentively and be ready to brake, as unexpected obstacles can be expected at any time. You can learn riding and braking techniques in mountain bike courses.

  9. Do not leave any traces

    By braking in a controlled way so that the wheels do not lock, you prevent soil erosion and damage to the path. Take your waste with you and avoid noise.

  10. Respect for animals

    The twilight phase is the time for wild animals to feed. Therefore, drive during daylight hours to avoid disturbance. Approach animals at walking pace and close pasture fences after passing.

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