With the racing bike in the Passeier Valley

Road cycling in beautiful Passeier

Passeier Valley (ital. Val Passiria) was a historical long-distance trade route for Merano because of its north-south location. You can reach the Ötztal and Inntal valleys via the Timmelsjoch, and Sterzing and the Brenner Pass via the Jaufen Pass. Of course, these two mountain passes are racing bike highlights.

The route of the Ötztal Cycling Marathon

Four Alpine passes on a route of 227 km and 5,500 hm. The round tour leads over the Timmelsjoch, Kühtaisattel, Brennerpass and the Jaufenpass and offers climbs with up to 18 % gradients. This makes the Ötztahler Radmarathon one of the most challenging road bike routes in the Alps.
Original route: Start in Sölden, downhill to Ötz (800 m), up to Kühtai (2,020 m), downhill to Kematen and towards Innsbruck (600 m), up to the Brenner Pass (1,377 m) and to Sterzing (960 m), on to the Jaufen (2,090 m), downhill to St. Leonhard in the Passeier Valley (700 m) where it then goes up again to the Timmel (2,509 m) to the finish in Sölden (1,377 m).
Info: www.oetztaler-radmarathon.com

Jaufenpass / Passo di Monte Giovo

The Jaufen Pass is one of the road bike highlights in the Alps. The start is either in Sterzing or in the Passeier Valley in St. Leonhard. Meadows, forests and high mountain peaks characterise the landscape - it is quite a torture, but is rewarded with a great view. There are 20 hairpin bends and a long uphill stretch. Very good physical condition is required. Read more.

Timmelsjoch / Passo del Rombo

The Timmelsjoch is an impressive mountain pass and ideal for combining with the Jaufenpass. From St. Leonhard in the Passeier Valley, the route leads over the Timmelsjoch to Sölden in Austria. After opening in early summer (the exact date is published on the TImmelsjoch website), there are often high walls of snow on the road wheel for weeks. In high summer, unfortunately, as with many Alpine passes, it is very busy here. Read more.

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