Bicycle routes in South Tyrol

Vinschgau, Passeier Valley, Merano Country and South

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  1. Map
  2. Adige Cycle Path / Etschradweg
  3. Via Claudia Augusta
  4. Bike Path Vinschgau
  5. Bike Path Merano-Bolzano
  6. Bike Path Passeier Valley

Cycling map of the South Tyrolean bike paths

Seven cities in five stages:

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Adige Cycle Path

The Etsch / Adige Cycle Path goes from the Reschen Pass - on the border between Italy and Austria - to Verona. For the most part, the cycle path runs directly along the river of the same name, the Etsch (Italian: Adige), which rises at Reschen and flows into the Mediterranean. The Romans already used this route over the Alps because it is easy to drive on and runs slightly downhill. The cycle path is well signposted all the way to Verona.

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Via Claudia Augusta Cycle Path

The Via Claudia Augusta bike path takes you from Germany to Italy, following the ancient Roman route through the Alps. It winds through fields, along rivers, and curvy mountain passes with stunning views. Starting in Donauwörth, the 700-kilometer adventure passes through Augsburg, Füssen, Austria's Fern Pass, and the Reschen Pass in Italy. Choose between the Dolomites or a scenic route along the Adige Valley, totaling 773 or 697 kilometers, respectively. Enjoy the beauty of this historic journey.

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Vinschgau Valley Cycle Route

The Vinschgau holiday region reaches from the Reschen Pass to Merano: Reschen Pass, Upper Vinschgau, Ortler region, Schlanders-Laas, Latsch-Martell and Kastelbell/Tschars.

The gaze wanders freely over to the ice domes of the glacier giants, over glittering expanses of lakes, over gentle meadows towards the south. A unique landscape that wants to be discovered. With exciting contrasts: rough, then mildly Mediterranean again, lots of high points between 400 and 4000 metres altitude, among cypress and pine trees.

Vine slopes - blossoming fruit crops, steppe brown is the Sonnenberg to the lush green of the forests on the north side. The further you get towards Merano, the more Mediterranean the climate becomes.

A paradise of encounters, perfect for a biking holiday.

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Bike Path Merano-Bolzano

From the Sissi city of Merano on a flat course southwards to Bolzano. Through orchards, apple meadows and vineyards, many sights: impressive castles on the 30 kilometres to Bolzano.

Radweg in Bozen

Passeier Valley Bike Path

From the centre of Merano, a 20km cycle path, slightly uphill, leads into the relaxing Val Passiria. The Passer, the river through the valley, refreshes cyclists all along the way.

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