MTB paradise Vinschgau: exciting trails and unforgettable adventures!

Discover the best trails, gain altitude and use our GPS data for your ultimate mountain bike experience.

Experience the unique landscape of the Sonnenberg, which offers the ideal terrain for varied bike tours. From relaxed trails like the Annenberg Easy Trail to the flowing Tschilli Trail. The green Nörderberg delights with its mountain forests and meadows. Here you will find ideal conditions for biking with shady forests and torrents in high summer, when it gets too hot on the Sonnenberg opposite.
The single trails are marked accordingly and offer technical difficulty levels from S0 (easy) to S3 (very good riding technique required).
Discover the fascinating nature of the Vinschgau Valley on two wheels and let yourself be inspired by our single trails!


  • 9 km -925 hm
  • Algund / Aschbach / Naturns / Partschins
  • S2 bis S3


  • 5 km -1080 hm
  • Naturns
  • S3


  • 5 km -840 hm
  • Kastelbell - Tschars
  • S3


  • 4,9 km -730 hm
  • Kastelbell - Tschars / Naturns
  • S1


  • 10 km -1300 hm
  • Kastelbell / Latsch
  • S2 / S3


  • 9 km -1100 hm
  • Latsch
  • S2 / S3


  • 7 km -1040 hm
  • Latsch / Goldrain
  • S2


  • 7 km -780 hm
  • Schlanders
  • S2

Holy Hansen

  • 15 km -840 hm
  • Göflan / Schlanders
  • S1 bis S2


  • 8,7 km -1100 hm
  • Latsch
  • S2

4 gewinnt 13

  • 6,6 km -1040 hm
  • Latsch
  • S2 bis S3


  • 5 km +349m -450m
  • Göflan - Morter
  • S1 bis S2

Difficulty levels

The signposting of the single trails provides information about the technical difficulty levels, which range from S0 to S3.

S0: Single trail without any particular difficulties: flowing forest and meadow paths on natural ground with good grip or solid gravel. There are no obstacles such as steps, rocks or root passages. The gradient is gentle to moderate, curves are wide. Can be mastered without special riding techniques.

S1: smaller obstacles such as shallow roots and small stones are to be expected. Isolated water gullies and erosion damage are very often the reason for the increased level of difficulty. The subsoil is partly unconsolidated. The gradient is a maximum of 40%. Hairpin bends are not to be expected. Basic riding skills and constant attention are required. Obstacles can be rolled over.

S2: larger roots and stones, the ground is often not consolidated. Steps and flat stairs are to be expected. Often tight bends ahead, steep passages of up to 70 % are not uncommon. An advanced riding technique is necessary.

S3: Blocked single trails with many larger boulders and/or root passages. High steps, narrow hairpin bends and tricky diagonal rides often occur, relaxed rolling sections become rare. Slippery ground and loose scree are also frequent. Gradients of over 70% are not uncommon. Very good bike control and thus precise braking and good balance are required for this level of difficulty.

Very steep, heavily blocked single trails with large boulders and challenging root passages, usually featuring a soft ground. Extremely steep ramps, tight hairpin bends and steps that inevitably touch the chainring are characteristic of S4 trails. For this reason, the use of a chainring guard is recommended. To succeed at this level of difficulty, techniques such as shifting the front and rear wheels are essential, as is perfect mastery of braking technique and balance. An S4 trail is recommended only for those who love extreme, technically very demanding passages, as even carrying the mountain bike down these passages can often be dangerous.

Blocked terrain with counter climbs, scree fields, hairpin-like hairpin bends, and a variety of obstacles such as fallen trees. Many sections have an extreme gradient. Braking distances are often short and sometimes almost non-existent. Obstacles often have to be overcome in combination. Only very experienced and secure riders should venture on S5 trails. On these tracks, obstacles can often only be overcome by jumping. Shifting the wheel in the hairpin bends is hardly possible anymore. Even carrying the bike can become a real challenge in some places, as you have to hold on or even climb while walking.

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