Parking by car

Parkgarage in Meran - St. Josef
Parkgarage in Meran – St. Josef

Should you not be able to do without your car altogether, there are plenty of parking areas for your car. Please note that parking is only allowed in the permitted areas.

Parking areas are marked by coloured lines.

Parking in Merano-Meran

FAQs about parking in Merano and the surrounding area

Which colors do the parking spaces have?

Blue parking spaces

Paid parking spaces with parking machines in the nearby area are marked in blue. The times and days of the week for paid parking are indicated on the machine.

Tip: On some streets in Merano, parking is free at the weekend in blue parking spaces. Pay attention to the signs at the roadside and the information on the parking ticket machine. At some car parking spaces, free parking with a parking disc is permitted for 30 to 120 minutes; here too, follow the street sign.

Yellow parking spaces

Reserved parking spaces are usually marked with yellow lines. These are usually residents' parking spaces, taxi ranks, disabled parking spaces or parking areas in front of shops and restaurants.

White parking spaces

Free parking spaces are marked with white lines. Normally, unlimited parking is possible here. Nevertheless, please pay attention to any street signs that may be present. Free parking is available in Merano, e.g. behind the railway station in Via 4 Novembre.

How do parking meters in Merano work?

If you park your car in a blue-marked parking space, in most cases you will have to go to the nearest parking machine to print out a parking ticket. The easiest way to print a parking ticket is to insert coins into the parking meter.

  1. Insert coins. The display shows the max. parking time according to the amount inserted.
  2. Press the big green "Ticket" button.
  3. The ticket is printed out after a few seconds.
  4. Take the parking ticket from the machine.
  5. Place the parking ticket, clearly visible, on the dashboard.

Is there a park-and-ride car parking lot in Merano?

In the immediate vicinity of the Merano train station is the free park-and-ride car park at Prader Platz. The city buses take you comfortably to the centre of Merano or, for example, to the botanical gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. Trains take you to Merano or the Vinschgau Valley. Parking at Prader Platz is not unlimited. Weekly markets are held there on Tuesdays and Fridays, so the car park is partially or completely closed on Fridays.

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