Which river passes through Merano?


The Passer (Italian: Passirio) originates from several streams at the Timmelsjoch, runs through the Passeiertal and Meran, where it flows into the Etsch. With about 43 km, the Passer is one of the largest tributaries of the Etsch. 

In the rear Passeier Valley between Moos and St. Leonhard, you can get very close to the Passer on the Passeirer Schluchtenweg. The impressive hiking trail follows the upper course on metal bridges and constructions, where the river has dug deep into the rock.

Fly fishing on the Passer - In the Passeier Valley there are ideal conditions for fly fishers, whether novice or professional: the Passer offers varied sections, fast and calm flowing areas.

In the course of the project "The Passer for Merano - open spaces on the water", the so-called Passer terraces were created. Generously laid out lawn steps, near the Merano Thermal Baths, invite you to slow down and enjoy. 

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