• Length: 5 km
  • Altitude: -840 hm
  • Difficulty level: S3
  • Place: Kastelbell - Tschars

The Fontana-Trail offers a challenging mix of technical terrain and breathtaking nature.

Parking can be found at the Schartegg (Tomberg) car park, which is located below the start of the trail.

Course of the trail
Start of the trail
The Fontana-Trail starts below the Schartegg car park and shares the first sections with the Lupo-Trail. This part of the trail is classified as an easy forest floor trail (S1), which is technically easy to master.

Middle section
After the separation of the Fontana- and Lupo-Trail, the technical difficulty increases (S2). Riders should prepare for a higher demand on their skills.

Final section
As the trail continues downhill, the difficulty increases further (S3), with more challenging passages that require more experience and technique.

Intermediate entries
Various intermediate entries along the trail offer the possibility to adapt the route according to individual abilities and preferences.

The Fontana-Trail ends in the valley. From here, the Vinschgau Bike Path leads towards Merano or Malles.


Elevation profile

Elevation profile Fontana-Trail

Video von Julian Engel

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