Prince's Castle Museum in Merano city centre

In the centre of Merano you will find the castle built by archduke Sigmund in the 15th century, which he probably had built as a town residence. For centuries, the castle was the residence of the nobility; Emperor Maximilian was a guest here several times. Since 1875, the castle has been owned by the city of Merano, which had the complex restored in a historical manner according to plans by the architect Friedrich von Schmidt.
Today, the castle is open to the public and is also used for civil weddings.

How to reach

  • Galilei-Straße
  • Via Portici

Built: 1470

Address: Galileo Galilei Galileistraße, 21 Meran

Landesfürstliche Burg Meran - Foto: Daniela Gerstgrasser
Bild: Daniela Gerstgrasser


Landesfürstliche Burg Meran on map

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