Castles along the Via Claudia Augusta

Picturesque beauties in South Tyrol

Medieval castles, mystical ruins and fantastic palaces in the impressive panorama of South Tyrol. They are attractive destinations on a cycling holiday in South Tyrol.
Over 780 castles, palaces, manors and fortresses were built to protect important junctions. For this reason, most of the castles are located along the Via-Claudia-Augusta or along the Imperial Road. Most of the castles have been extensively restored in recent years and are in fabulous condition.
Many castles are now used for events, exhibitions, seminars and as museums. On the following pages we present some interesting castles and palaces in South Tyrol. The pages give an insight into the history and should serve as preparation for a visit.

If you miss a castle, a palace or a ruin here, please contact us!

All Castles on a map

Landesfürstliche Burg Meran

Galileo Galilei Galileistraße, 21 Meran


Ezra Pound Straße, 3 Dorf Tirol

Burg Hocheppan

Hocheppanerweg, 16 Eppan


Churburg, 1 Schluderns


Kuepachweg, 48 Bozen

Schloss Boymont (Ruine)

Hocheppanerweg, 5 Eppan

Schloss Rafenstein (Ruine)

Rafensteinerweg, 38 Bozen

Schloss Gandegg

Pigenoerweg, 19 Eppan

Schloss Juval

Juval, 1 Kastelbell/Tschars

Schloss Kastelbell

Schlossweg, 1 Kastelbell/Tschars

Schloss Maretsch

Claudia-de'-Medici-Straße 12 Bozen

Schloss Moos

Schulthauser Weg 4 Eppan

Schloss Rametz

Laberstraße 4 Meran

Schloss Runkelstein

Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Weg Bozen

Schloss Schenna

Schlossweg, 14 Schenna

Schloss Sigmundskron

Sigmundskronerstraße, 53 Bozen

Schloss Tirol

Schlossweg, 24 Dorf Tirol

Schloss Trauttmansdorff

St.-Valentin-Straße, 51A Meran

Schloss Pienzenau

Pienzenauweg, 6 Meran

Schloss Braunsberg

Braunsberger Weg, 11 Lana

Burg Untermontani (Ruine)

Plimastraße Latsch


St. Leonhard in Passeier

Burg Warth

Schloss-Warth-Weg, 30 Eppan


Prissian, 7 Tisens

Schloss Freudenstein

Matschatscherweg, 6 Eppan

Burg Obermontani

Plimastraße Latsch


Mayenburgstraße, 192 Lana

Schloss Eschenlohe (Ruine)

Alpreid, 11 St. Pankraz

Burg Rotund (Ruine)

Taufers im Münstertal

Burg Reichenberg

Obere Ortsstraße, 1 Taufers im Münstertal

Schloss Korb

Hocheppanerweg, 5 Eppan

Burg Goyen

Goyenweg, 9 Schenna

Schloss Ried

Schloß Ried Weg, 26 Ritten


Peter-Mitterhofer, 2 Partschins

Schloss Goldrain

Schlossstraße, 33 Latsch

Schloss Thurnstein

St. Peterstraße, 8 Dorf Tirol

Burg Karneid

Karneiderstraße, 21 Karneid


Ackpfeifweg, 2 Lana

Schloss Katzenzungen

Prissian, 11 Tisens


Tschengels, 35 Laas

Burg Latsch

Bahnhofsstraße, 14 Latsch


Burgeis, 7 Mals

Burg Katzenstein

Katzensteinstraße, 45 Meran

Schloss Dornsberg

Dornsbergerweg Naturns

Schloss Schlandersberg

Sonnenberg Schlanders


Schlandersburgstraße, 6 Schlanders

Schloss Lebenberg

Lebenbergerstraße, 15 Tscherms

You can find more information on the website of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute.