Castles along the Via Claudia Augusta

Picturesque beauties in South Tyrol

Medieval castles, mystical ruins and fantastic palaces in the impressive panorama of South Tyrol. They are attractive destinations on a cycling holiday in South Tyrol.
Over 780 castles, palaces, manors and fortresses were built to protect important junctions. For this reason, most of the castles are located along the Via-Claudia-Augusta or along the Imperial Road. Most of the castles have been extensively restored in recent years and are in fabulous condition.
Many castles are now used for events, exhibitions, seminars and as museums. On the following pages we present some interesting castles and palaces in South Tyrol. The pages give an insight into the history and should serve as preparation for a visit.

If you miss a castle, a palace or a ruin here, please contact us!

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You can find more information on the website of the South Tyrolean Castle Institute.

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