• Length: 4,9 km
  • Altitude: -730 hm
  • Difficulty level: S1
  • Place: Kastelbell - Tschars / Naturns

Located below the Schartegg parking lot is the starting point of the Lupo-Trail. Here you can conveniently park your vehicle and prepare for the upcoming excursion.

Course of the trail
Start of the trail
The Lupo-Trail begins below the Schartegg parking lot and shares its initial sections with the Fontana-Trail. Classified as a technically simple forest floor trail (S1), it leads from Tscharser Nörderberg to Tabland.

Intermediate entries
Much like its counterpart, the Fontana-Trail, the Lupo-Trail also offers various intermediate entries. This allows riders to adapt the route according to their abilities and preferences.

Final section
The trail is scattered with loose stones, requiring technical skills, but it remains fluid to ride and is also suitable for beginners. Caution is advised at road intersections! After riding through the forest on a 4.5-kilometer wide path, you'll need to apply the brakes heavily in the lower section before reaching the finish line in Tabland, which is situated after a descent of 730 vertical meters.

The Lupo-Trail provides an excellent opportunity to experience the breathtaking nature of South Tyrol, regardless of your biking skills.


Elevation profile

Elevation profile Lupo-Trail

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