E-biking in South Tyrol

Cycling with the extra portion of energy: comfortable and enjoyable

Biking with support: an e-bike is usually referred to as a pedelec, (Pedal Electric Cycle). Sensors detect the pressure on the pedal through the pedalling movement and a powerful electric motor facilitates the pedalling in an ideally dosed manner. On an electric bike you can explore South Tyrol at up to 25km/h without overexerting yourself.

Thanks to a well-developed infrastructure, you will always reach your destination on your e-bike. On our tour overview you will find numerous suggestions for your next cycling tour in the surroundings of Merano.

E-bike charging stations in the Merano and Vinschgau regions

When planning longer bike tours with the e-bike, it is advisable to find out about charging options. It is best for e-bikers to enquire in advance with the operator of the respective charging station, as some charging stations are only accessible to hotel guests and the respective opening hours and possible costs must also be taken into account. The following list shows some charging points for e-bikes in South Tyrol. It is a selection and the information is without guarantee.

The advantages of an electric bike compared to a conventional bike are obvious:

What are the disadvantages of e-bikes?

Most of the disadvantages can be easily circumvented by the numerous rental offers and thus nothing stands in the way of a successful e-bike tour.

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