Cycling Routes in Bolzano

Bike routes and traffic-calmed zones in Bolzano

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Bike Routes in Bolzano

Cycle route 1: Bozen Altstadt - Krankenhaus

Cycle route 2: Gericht - Sigmundskroner Straße

Cycle route 3: Lido - Stadthalle

Cycle route 4: Kardaun - Abzw. Kaiserau (Richtung Brenner - Gardasee)

Cycle route 5: Bozen Altstadt - Oberau - St. Jakob

Cycle route 6: Krankenhaus - Pfarrhof - St. Jakob

Cycle route 7: Gries - Messe - Bozen Süd

Cycle route 8: Europäische Akademie (EURAC) - Schloss Runkelstein

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