Springtime in Merano and the surrounding area

When spring comes to Merano

Merano is a multifaceted city with impressive surroundings all year round. And in spring, say the people of Merano themselves, it shows its magical side. The lush greenery of the city and the wooded hillsides come to life and give flâneurs wonderful sights. A delightful coffee in one of the numerous establishments rounds off every beautiful day. But South Tyrol wouldn't be South Tyrol if you couldn't experience many new things and explore the surroundings during the spring weeks. A spring holiday in Merano promises a fantastic time.

Merano is considered one of the earliest recipients of the joys of spring in South Tyrol. While other parts of the region are still stuck in the frosty late winter, Merano sometimes puts on its spring dress as early as March. The apple trees are in full bloom by April at the latest and the climate quickly becomes milder thanks to the proximity of the Texel Group mountain landscape. It's not unusual to sit down in the outdoor area of a café now and then already in the days of March.

The weather and climate in the city and its region are Mediterranean despite its proximity to the Alpine mountains. Already in March there are regular temperatures around 18 °C. May brings daytime temperatures averaging 23 °C. Thanks to the climate, many representatives of the Mediterranean flora can flourish and shape the landscape. The most striking plants include, for example, the cypress, the palm tree or the holm oak. Especially in the spring and summer months, wildflowers also cover the meadow hillsides.

The early spring attracts many travellers to the city. However, it does not get too crowded. So you can enjoy the budding spring without having to deal with crowds in the streets. The popularity ensures that the tourism sector is in full swing early in the year.

What does Merano have to offer in springtime?

Spring is the season of colourful blossoms. Merano's city centre is dressed up in a multi-coloured garment for the spring Flower Festival. Herb and flower arrangements transform the city into a fragrant jungle of houses with a variety of scents. Between historic town villas, churches and medieval squares, the Flower Festival stages the arrival of the warm season.

A famous landmark of the city dresses up almost by itself in spring. The gentle garden slopes of Trauttmansdorff Castle light up in many different colours. With a Mediterranean flair, an extended pleasure walk in the footsteps of the legendary imperial and royal empress Sissi is a must.

In late spring, the popular thermal park also opens again. With its ten pools and enchanting parkland, the Merano Thermal Park is perfect for a dose of relaxation. Those who do want to indulge in some sporting activity can take advantage of one of the many different exercise options.

Culture and enjoyment holidays in the city

The well-known Trauttmanshof Castle certainly takes pride of place among the city's sights. But Meran/o also has an old town worth seeing, also called centro storico in Italian. Walkers can let their thoughts wander along the Gilfpromenade. The Passer accompanies the walk and offers a beautiful view when you stop at one of the restaurants or cafés.

Along the Gilf promenade, one path leads to the Garden of Animals, a green urban oasis. It is teeming with familiar creatures from the animal world. But the snakes and birds behave a little more statically than one is used to from them otherwise, they are, after all, artful plant arrangements that take into account the artistic aspirations of the city.

The Tappeinerweg leads up past vineyards. On the way, you will pass the old powder tower (Pulverturm), among others. From there, you can enjoy an excellent view of the spreading Adige valley.

Bike routes

Vinschgau-Val Venosta: Reschen to Merano

One of the most beautiful and diversified bike paths in the Alpine region.

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Etschtal: Merano to Bolzano

The Apple Cycle Path through the Etschtal-Adige Valley connects the cities of Merano and Bolzano with almost no incline.

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Spending an active holiday in the Merano region

Adventurers will definitely get their money's worth in and around Merano. The southern Alpine region lies between the high peaks in the north and the Po Valley. The topology of the surrounding area allows for tours into the valleys of the region as well as a fair amount of altitude. Merano's location, spanning 263 - 1621 metres above sea level, makes it ideal for downhill and uphill excursions. Hikers and cyclists in particular can choose from a considerable number of grandiose routes.

Enjoyment cycling in Merano

The region around Merano has many great routes for relaxed cycling. Although most of the Waalwege (irrigation channels) mainly attract enthusiastic hikers, some of the paths along old watercourses are also suitable for cycling tours. Hiking and cycling trails also lead to the surrounding villages. Jewels embedded in the gentle hilly landscape such as Algund, Partschins, Naturns or Dorf Tirol are ideal for relaxed day trips. Beneath white mountain peaks, you pass vineyards, churches and farms on the way and gain manifold insights into the green heights and depths of the region.

If you want to enjoy the full pleasure of an easy but rewarding cycle path, you should definitely try the cycle route between Lake Reschen and Merano (80 km). The Vinschgau cycle path also passes the village of Mals and Schlanders and is considered by cyclists to be a pleasant to moderately difficult cycle route. Depending on your personal fitness level, it may be worthwhile to rent or bring an e-bike instead of a normal bike. Ultimately, however, the trail can be mastered by all ages and fitness levels.

Challenging tours for experts and those who want to become one

The mountainous backcountry has numerous trails and cycle paths for professionals. If you can handle a portion of action on your bike in addition to impressive insights into the nature of South Tyrol, you can face the Sonnenberg in Vinschgau Valley, for example.

The hillsides of the Sonnenberg offer a variety of MTB trails, but one of the most popular leads down into the valley above Latsch. While the Tschilli Trail shares the first metres with the more relaxed Sunny Benny Trail, the difficulty soon increases after the separation. The first part of the trail, which starts in St. Martin near Latsch, consists mainly of gravel sections alternating with stone block passages. The second part of the Tschili Trail is initially very root-heavy and then changes to the more even Annenberg soils. Afterwards, it becomes noticeably steeper again. On the way, you can stop for refreshments at the Ratschillhof, which gives the trail its name.

Vinschgau Valley opens up spectacular views of mountain and valley. Wild driving sections flow into magnificent vantage points, which in turn are followed by new moments of excitement. And the physical well-being is also taken care of.

Historic villages around Merano

The region can look back on an eventful history. There were major settlements here as early as the Stone Age. Many of the villages and communities have existed since the Middle Ages or even beyond. Many buildings have survived from this time and the following centuries. Among the most popular excursion destinations in the region are the following places together with their sights:

Algund (Italian: Lagundo)

Partschins (Italian: Parcines)

Naturns (Italian: Naturno)

Dorf Tirol (Italian: Tirolo)

Merano in spring invites you

Tyrol's long-standing capital is definitely a place of encounters. Here, Central European sobriety meets Mediterranean flair. This is where the giants of the Alps meet fertile valleys. Merano and its surroundings offer walkers, hikers and cyclists various routes to discover the region's nature and culture in equal measure. If you want to experience how life comes to life here, you should come in spring. At the time of the apple blossom and with the imposing mountain peaks behind you, a coffee tastes particularly good.

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