Vinschgau cycle path

Cycle path data

ca. 86 km (Reschen bis Meran)
Höchster Punkt
ca. 1500 Hm (Reschenpass)
Tiefster Punkt
ca. 300 Hm (Meran)
ca. 4-5 Stunden
idealer Zeitraum
März bis Oktober

Description of the cycle path

The starting point of the tour is Reschen, which is located at the northern tip of the famous Reschen Lake. The Reschensee is one of the most important reservoirs in the Vinschgau, as it was artificially created only after the end of the Second World War. Before the Reschensee was built as a reservoir, the small town of Graun lay in this valley. To this day the church tower rises out of the Reschensee and many tourists use the ride on the cycle path Vinschgau to Meran to experience this tourist attraction. The Vinschgau to Meran cycle path continues on the left side of the Reschensee lake, where bikers can enjoy the gigantic view of the Ortler massif.
After a distance of about three kilometres, the Vinschgau cycle path reaches the small bay where the steeple of the sunken church of St. Anne of Graun can be seen. Not far from the shore this unique spectacle can be admired during a short rest. The trail continues towards the spa town of Merano and Burgeis. Idyllically it meanders along the right shore of Lake Haider and offers cyclists wonderful views of Lake Haider and Vinschgau. The Adige river, which flows through Lake Haider and plunges steeply over rock formations into the valley, offers a special spectacle at this point on the way to Meran.The cycle path continues through the beautiful landscapes of the Vinschgau towards Merano through a wide valley to the medieval town of Glurns. In Glurns, the city towers and the walkable city wall are definitely worth seeing.
This tour continues through the Vinschgau region past numerous apple orchards to Merano. The 80 kilometre long voyage of discovery through the Vinschgau ends here.
The cycle path from Mals to Merano has a new course. In May 2011, the cycle path section between Schlanders and Goldrain was completed and ceremoniously opened. Bikers no longer have to take the route from Schlanders via Morter, but can continue from Schlanders on a flat route to Goldrain. From Goldrain we continue to Latsch, where several restaurants invite to a rest. It goes through the Latscher village centre to the village entrance in the east, here the cycle path follows the course of the Adige again and so it goes comfortably past Kastelbell Castle, through orchards to Tschars, on to Staben with Juval Castle and to the popular holiday resort of Naturns. From Naturns the cycle path – always along the Adige – leads to Plaus, Rabland and Töll, the beginning of the Merano basin.

Map – Vinschgau cycle path

Impressions of the Cycle Path Vinschgau