Apple blossom in South Tyrol

Apple blossom in South Tyrol

At the time of apple blossom in South Tyrol there is a unique natural spectacle

Red, purple, white as far as the eye can see. Around 18,000 hectares of orchards blossom in April - around five million apples a year.

The most flowering orchard in Europe is located in South Tyrol. Around 17 million apple blossoms blossom every year in South Tyrol. If the apple blossom begins in the Merano region, the entire area around Merano lies under a white veil. Every tenth apple harvested in Europe comes from South Tyrol. Apple growing itself has a long tradition in South Tyrol and the experienced apple growers produce apples of high quality.

The mild climate in the surroundings of Merano ensures early flowering. The apple blossom in Merano already begins between March and April. While snow and ice still lie on the mountain peaks of the Texel Group, spring is already approaching in Mediterranean Merano. If a later cold snap threatens, the apple blossoms are sprayed with water, which at night becomes a protective ice dress. In the morning, the first rays of sunlight melt the ice cover and it glitters and sparkles throughout the Merano countryside.

A wonderful scent flows through South Tyrol between the imposing mountain massifs. The flower of the apple enchants the whole Merano countryside and people with its unique charm. Experience this indescribable time with your bike on the cycle paths that lead through the middle of orchards. Be there when over 17 million apple blossoms wrap the Merano countryside in a white dress. In April Merano becomes the most beautiful orchard in Europe. Send a non-binding booking inquiry for your room in the apple paradise South Tyrol.